визуальный роман о мальчике, который спасается от монстра. Сможет ли он пережить эту ночь Хэллоуина?

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Пожалуста, прочетайте правила, так как нелзя исползавать RPG Maker для игри и попробуйте найти переводчека.

But there is no such prohibition in the rules. I can change textures and sounds.

But you also obviously made it BEFORE the jam started, so that's cheating and disqualifies you. Also if you actually talked to the mods in the server this jam is based in you'd know: 1. RPGM is very frowned upon when it comes to making visual novels, 2. you need to have skip dialogue already read button, dialogue log, and other basic VN functions, 3. it's need to be in legible English, you have so many amateur mistakes that you NEED to find someone to fix them.

I will remake all sounds and rebuild project in English only. Ok?

That’s all?


No matter what you do, your game is disqualified as you made it before the jam and is considered cheating. Only if you make an absolutely new game according to the rules of the jam (make a visual novel in an appropriate engine, write it in proper English and DURING September), then it would qualify for the jam. If you need help/ resources, feel free to join the discord server that hosts the jam, you will get better answers/ help than I can provide. 

Give me a link to rule wheee I can find “you cannot start create a game earlier than 1 September”