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Приложение для RPG Maker MZ

 these are files with plug-ins of the company flash cat here is their list 1 presented option makes you an example of a cheat code for the game. You can pick up 4111 and you will get a lot of money inside the game (the whole essence is added in that it is easy to change and adjust to another function of the internal code). 2 seconds of vibration will create an unusual way for you to make a life line. The fact is that hitting an enemy with less than 50% health turns red. 3 is also an example of a cheat code, but already at lvl 99, for which you need to enter 45678901 into the game. The number of plugins in the file depends on the price (in the cheapest it is 1) (there are 2 in the collection) (there are 3 in the max collection)

просьба не воровать плагин и не использовать код плагина в финансовых целях


Buy Now$1.50 USD or more

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plugin for a lot of money through the code 4111.js 926 bytes
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maxcollection (3 plugins).zip 2 kB
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